The American Promise speaks to the richest and most diverse presentation of personal and collective opportunities a nation has ever offered in the history of humanity. The Promise of equality of access to opportunity for all has been and must continue to be a driving force in the future of America.

That driving force is made stronger and more dynamic when it is carried by the voice of the real majority of Americans: The Center of America. The Center avoids the extremes of the edges of politics and embraces the value of collaboration, compromise and cooperation. This supercharges the “American Dream” and creates the American Promise!

We distinguish the “American Dream” as something we all can possess and pursue, with only the “clothes on your back.” We think of the American Promise as the natural extension of the “Dream” backed up by the fulfillment of the leadership responsibilities of the community, government, academic and commercial entities that comprise our great nation.

Equal Access to Opportunity + Voice of the American Center = Reconnecting to the American Promise

We invite all our visitors to explore Reconnecting to the American Promise, subscribe to the blog and jump right in to help us reenergize the American Promise through your comments and even your own blog posts on the site. Please help make the American Promise a strong force for America!

PLEASE NOTE: Starting on 8/24/2014, the authors renamed the blog from Fulfilling the American Promise in the Connected Age (FAPITCA) to Reconnecting to the American Promise (RAP), primarily because it was simpler to read and the acronym was easier to write. All previous references to FAPITCA now refer to RAP.

Please contact us and email your blog posts and links to other important efforts at cwhunt2@gmail.com. Thank You!


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    • Contact details are on the “About the American Promise” page, and you can find the details on subscribing to FAPITCA in the right hand margin of each page under “Follow FAPITCA.” Thanks for visiting us!

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