Preamble for Principles

We’re taking a brief pause from blogging for the next few days as we finish up a draft on what we’re calling the “Principles of FAPITCA.” This is important. This work will build an initial framework. It will let us lay out the problems we face in reestablishing an American “center” as a source of energy for the growth of opportunity, freedom and security in our nation for the near- and long-term.

We’ll also use this framework to clearly state the objectives of Fulfilling the American Promise in the Connected Age, including leadership fundamentals. Additionally, these principles will lay out our mission and values in establishing the effort to fulfill the American Promise.

Equally important, we’re going to use this work to incorporate some early perspectives from a few thoughtful readers and thinkers who are interested in seeing FAPITCA move forward. So far, we’re relying on colleagues who have stepped forward to see us get some lift-off. This is how we thought FAPITCA might start gaining momentum and we’re very grateful for their help. We’re quite encouraged by these early responses.

Founding principles of an effort like FAPITCA are important to help us understand who we are, what we do and for whom we do it. We’ll try to craft responses to the questions implied by these identifying characteristics to specific problems we propose in the Principles document. This should allow us to provide a coherent way-ahead to think about the challenges we face in rebuilding the American center as a viable part of both the political and social processes in our nation.

From these thinking exercises, and the critically-needed help of our readers, we’ll tie potential solutions to the challenges and discuss strategies to succeed. We’ll also seek to identify the leadership qualities that will help us move forward.

We’ve only been at this for about ten days, though we have been discussing it for years. In fact, much of what we might initially say has already been in the minds of readers. This is actually great, because now these readers have a more open forum to talk about what’s been on their minds.

We understand it’s early to expect a lot of input from readers and supporters yet. You don’t know enough about who we are or why we should nominate ourselves to this job in the first place. We still have to prove ourselves worthy and up to the task. We also understand we face a distinct challenge to make the problem statements clear enough and sufficiently compelling to engage our readers to help.

A big part of our underlying concern is how to articulate problem statements and challenges and to propose solutions so the discussions are understandable at every level and in every corner of the American landscape – for that we need your help.

While we won’t shun from using what we hope are the right words at the right time, we will try to make those words mean the most they can to anyone who will read them. That may be a daunting task in a nation that’s as richly diverse as the United States of America, but it’s a truly important chore in fulfilling the American Promise.

Finally, we know we need to have a real and tangible outcome in mind on which FAPITCA can hang its hat. The ultimate outcome may emerge in the interactions of our growing virtual community, but we’ll seed that garden with some preliminary thoughts that will certainly evolve and be refined in the coming future. It will take your help to nurture and accomplish the outcomes these thoughts provoke.

So, what do we want as outcomes from Fulfilling the American Promise in the Connected Age?

We want FAPITCA to facilitate the following:

  • Thinking about what we need to do to fulfill the American promise in our emerging super-connected environment
  • Reframing the public debate on issues in which we find ourselves in a political dead end
  • Creating a political environment where we avoid polarized “red” or “blue” solutions so we can get to consensus-driven, inclusive solutions that offer equal access to opportunity
  • Reestablishing the American center as a relevant, thoughtful contributor to our political process

Ultimately, the FAPITCA community can help to:

  • Raise political discourse out of the current swamp
  • Inform the American electorate
  • Stimulate intelligent discussions in letters-to-the-editors and Op-Ed pieces, the blogs of others and of course, blog posts and comments on this site
  • Create a dynamic where our elected officials have an incentive to listen to the American center

In the end, we want the FAPITCA community to help fulfill the American Promise, whether we do the job or someone else leads this work.  We should all be thrilled as long as this work happens.

Please stand by for a few days and then be prepared to help make our Statement of Principles stronger and better when we get them posted. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Originally posted by Carl and Chuck Hunt, 2/15/2014.

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