Principled Challenges

We honestly thought we’d have the Principles of FAPITCA posted yesterday. We were apparently overly optimistic. We gave ourselves a couple of extra days between blog posts to make sure we’d captured a concise record of what we felt were the fundamental characteristics that go into Fulfilling the American Promise in the Connected Age. Unfortunately, optimism didn’t carry the day!

It wasn’t that we hadn’t previously discussed the main points and the details of what we thought would be the Mission, Values, Principles and Objectives of FAPITCA. Before we ever put one word online in the New American Center website, we researched, debated and talked to family, friends and colleagues about what we wanted to do. Heck, we’re brothers who really care about America, we thought…it should be no problem to agree on the details of what we’ve been talking about for years!

Collectively, we’ve devoted over 60 years to public service in various federal and civilian agencies (including a combined nine years overseas). We’re on the same sheet of music, we thought. It should be no problem for the two of us to agree on what to say and how to say it.

We did agree about nearly everything…in principle; but we couldn’t close the deal because we wanted to make sure we said things “just right” so as not to compromise our individual principles or alienate too many people too early in the effort. This from two brothers who have been in synch on national policy issues for years, both having been students of our nation’s history and political affairs since we can remember!

“Overly optimistic” is exactly what we were. We agreed on the basic principles and objectives in about three hours of serious writing and conversation and then took four days to finally come to basic agreement about how we should actually write the words in the document. We just couldn’t quite agree on some of the words or tenses. What’s it going to be like when we post it and others have a chance to comment and post their thoughts? This is hard work and it’s going to continue to be hard work!

Well, we’re still not quite there, but we will be in the next 24-36 hours (if we’re not being too overly optimistic again).

It was actually a great exercise and preparation for what’s to come. Once we get the initial draft of the principles and objectives published, we’ll have opened the door to the real debate. We realize that. We welcome it, in fact. This is what makes America so great and so close to finding the kind of agreement necessary to move us past the logjams of the current political process – the connected age lets anyone engage in this debate, even us!

If anything, the past few days of drafting the principles and objectives helped us see that America isn’t far off from getting back on track. If we can just find the will and strength to move past the current challenges…if we can just find the vigor to debate openly and objectively and actually make well-reasoned decisions about governing, we’ll get there. Our own debate about the principles and objectives of FAPITCA convinced us that if we can get the Center of America back in the game, we’ll still win.

We really do believe that America will come back and manifest the power of Fulfilling the American Promise in the Connected Age. We’re certain that America will return to its former greatness as the Land of Opportunity and guardian of freedom and democracy…it will be better than ever. We’re optimistic America can do it or we would never have started this website and blog.

We’re almost there with the Principles of FAPITCA, and we’ll get them posted in the next day or so – once the two of us can finally agree! This first draft of the Principles is just that—a draft. It needs work. It needs your input to shape this into the nucleus for a different discussion for our nation, a discussion built around the Center of America.

In the meantime, please think about how you’ll contribute to fulfilling the Promise, whether through FAPITCA or elsewhere. Please help us engage the Center of America and get our future back.

Originally posted by Carl and Chuck Hunt, 2/19/2014.

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