Reconnecting to the American Promise

Change is good, or so “they” say. We had enough comments from “they” that we made what we think is a significant change to the blog. We hope it’s a good one (or “they” will probably let us know again!).

The change, as demonstrated by the new page titles, is of course streamlining the name of the blog to Reconnecting to the American Promise (RAP) from Fulfilling the American Promise in the Connected Age (FAPITCA).

There’s no question that the acronym is shorter, as well as easier to pronounce, but it may even be closer to the truth we hope to talk about in the blog: throughout its over two centuries of existence, America was indeed connected to the promise of its origins, we started losing that connection in the last few decades, and now we as a nation finally recognize we need to reestablish our connection to the American Promise.

If we don’t reconnect Americans to the American Promise, pretty soon there won’t be an America that our Founders would recognize. That’s what we want to talk about in the future as well as build on the foundation of the first sixth months of the existence of this blog.People Networked with Flag

That’s right…we’ve been doing FAPITCA, now RAP, for over six months now and this is the 39th posting. When we started, we didn’t know how long we would try to tell the story of America and its Promise, but we’ve had just enough interest and participation that it seems more than reasonable to keep going.

With almost 50,000 words published, we hope we’ve appropriately reflected on the failings in today’s elected leadership to keep Americans connected to the American Promise, while we’ve pointed to the hope the future of America in the Connected Age offers. We’re hardly out of the woods, but new generations of Americans, growing up with Connected Age technologies and thinking are now poised to help us get back on track. We just need to make sure our young people understand what’s at stake.

Our hope and our objectives for RAP are to keep telling the story of an America reconnecting to the original hopes and dreams of our Founders as we leverage the spirit and vigor of our youth. With your continued help, we’ll keep telling that story. It’s definitely time to Reconnect to the American Promise!

Originally posted by Carl and Chuck Hunt, 8/25/2014.

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