About the Promise

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Reconnecting to the American Promise seeks to reframe the national discussion on who we are as Americans and where we can go if we focus on restoring America as the Land of Opportunity. In our blog posts we talk about opportunity, leadership in all walks of life, and of course America in the Connected Age of cyberspace. RAP is hosted by two brothers from Texas that have made their home with their families in the mid-Atlantic, but who have also lived abroad in the service of America.

About the Primary Authors

Carl Hunt served 30 years as a soldier in the US Army and was a Houston, Texas police officer in the 1970s. He is a graduate of the National War College and retired from the Army in 2006. Chuck Hunt is a 25-year veteran of conserving America’s natural and cultural heritage having held multiple posts with the National Park Service (in East Texas, West Texas and Maryland), the Bureau of Land Management (in New Mexico and Washington, DC) and the American Battle Monuments Commission (in Normandy and Paris). Carl and Chuck created the “Reconnecting to the American Promise” blog to share theirs and others’ insights about how we might collectively encourage America and her people to move towards a direction that reflects the opportunities of the new connected age that has so changed us all. Carl has also blogged about cyberspace leadership, research and education at SENDSOnline.org.

About the RAP Blog, Resources and Contact Information

We invite all our visitors to subscribe to the blog and jump right in to help us reenergize the American Center through your comments and even your own blog posts on the site. Our intent is for our blog posts to be about 800 – 1200 words in length, although moderately longer essays may be acceptable in certain circumstances. We can also accommodate images such as charts and pictures if they help tell the story better.

We will maintain a brief annotated reading list of source material we and our contributors find useful to better understand the American Center. The reading list will also include links to other worthwhile resources. We greatly appreciate reader suggestions to add to or improve our list of readings and links.

Please contact us and email your blog posts and links to other important efforts at cwhunt2@gmail.com. You may comment about blog posts directly on the blog post page. Please help make the American Center a strong voice for America!

About the Motivation

We do not seek financial support for RAP. Carl is a retired Army officer and views receipt of retired pay as compensation enough. Carl currently serves as the primary editor and webmaster, and feels that just having the continuing opportunity to be a part of the “Great Conversation” about the nation he served throughout his career is a sufficient reward for keeping RAP up and running. Chuck, who is still working full-time, with a younger family, has his hands full (but not so full that he doesn’t engage totally in the process: the blog posts on this site are the result of a full partnership that includes several other behind-the-scenes contributors as well).

Rights of Use and © Stuff

While the authors of RAP retain their rights of authorship and disposition, we do encourage maximum sharing of the ideas and narrative of this project. We only ask that if you cite or quote a blog post or page from this site, please attribute it by author’s name, date and URL where available.

Starting on 8/24/2014, the authors renamed the blog from Fulfilling the American Promise in the Connected Age (FAPITCA) to Reconnecting to the American Promise (RAP), primarily because it was simpler to read and the acronym was easier to write. All previous references to FAPITCA now refer to RAP.

We thank you for your readership and support!


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