Principles of RAP

The Essence of RAP and the American Promise

MISSION: Restore the voice of the American Center and rebuild the middle class through equal access to opportunity

Equal Access to Opportunity + Voice of the American Center = Reconnecting to the American Promise


American Promise – our people have freedom of access to an equal opportunity to succeed (or to fail)

Equal Opportunity – availability to all Americans of the same prospects and rules for prosperity

New American Center – the core of America that distances itself from extreme outlooks of “right” or “left” and embraces competition, collaboration and compromise as normal ways to get things done

Middle Class – a reinvigorated majority of the American people that avoid the current red/blue, liberal/conservative quagmire

Voice of Middle Class – free and confident verbal and written communications with media, fellow citizens, public officials and academia that reflect the values and perspectives of “the Center

Connected Age – the “change-agent” environment the internet provides that can either strengthen or weaken our democracy, as it connects or disconnect us from each other

VALUES: An initial list of the major characteristics that inspire RAP…

Agile (and Adaptive)                                                Balanced

Collaborative                                                             Consensus-seeking

Forward-Looking                                                       Humble

Inclusive                                                                     Objective (and Intellectually Curious)

Patient                                                                        Practical

Reasonable                                                                 Willing to Compromise

 …resulting in an approach to fulfilling the American Promise that embraces:

 Adaptive Flexibility                                                   Appropriate Concern for our Environment

Benevolence and Generosity                                    Balance of Freedom, Opportunity and Security

Prudence in Financial Planning & Execution         Effective Leadership

Efficient Management                                               Rule of Law (and Respect of the Law)


  • We think as Americans before acting as Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, etc.
  • We are borrowing this land, culture and governance system from our progeny; what we pay back to them reflects on our legacy and lays the foundation for their legacy
  • We “play” on the same team, and team members must demonstrate respect for each other
  • Though candor is essential, we err on the side of understanding rather than confrontation
  • We must not be afraid to compromise (This was an essential reality for our founding fathers)
  • We recognize that the “red versus blue” and “conservative versus liberal” paradigms, when taken to extremes, can be a cul-de-sac for our nation; these approaches to government threaten the future of the Center, the middle class, the future of equal opportunity and our nation
  • As suggested by recent bipartisan recommendations, we recognize that entitlement reform must be addressed, revenue enhancements are required and the national tax code significantly simplified…we see no other way to deal with our national debt
  • We cannot allow the “purists”, intentionally or unintentionally, to “cost us the game”
  • As leaders of America in the 21st Century, we must leverage the technologies of the “connected age” on behalf of our people to connect and bind us rather than to divide us


The Initial Main Objectives of RAP as a strategy to enable Reconnecting to the American Promise include the following:

  • Demonstrate to our elected officials that there is a strong Center of the electorate which they must listen to, respect and include
  • Bring about a New Objectivity to our political discourse where facts prevail over party platforms, special interest group positions, red versus blue, etc.
  • Reawaken Americans to the fact that compromise and collaboration are virtues (this is not complicated—how many marriages or other family relationships would last in the absence of compromise and collaboration? The same is true for the people of a nation)
  • Embrace competition and compromise as key complementary components of our political process and indeed American capitalism (American capitalism is largely based on the complementary functions of competition and compromise between buyers and sellers in the market)
  • Embolden Americans to constructively engage the political process to bring the Center back into our political arena (town halls meetings, op-eds, letters to the editor, meetings with elected officials, organizational efforts, feedback to companies who endorse extreme politicians or efforts, etc.)
  • Engage in reasoned debate about immigration and health care…then act reasonably and collaboratively; we are all ultimately immigrants and access to good health care is critical
  • Promote non-partisan redistricting and other means to reduce the number of “safe” districts.  The value of competition and diversity has always been acknowledged by Americans. Why should our political process be exempt?
  • Most importantly, provide a maximum return on investment to our future generations from whom we have borrowed this current time in America…create our legacy to be a shining example for our children and theirs

Note: The RAP Principles and Objectives were updated on 8/24/2014.

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